Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pens vs. Rangers; Game 3

"Their defense are just like...TREES in front of Marc-Andre Fleury!"

"You could hear him coming from, uh, Madison Avenue there!"

"When you get a high sticking on Hal Gill, you're really getting your stick up. He's a tall man!"

Did anyone else see Gorgeous Georges kiss Potash? That was fabulous. Someone get that up on youtube...

"Rest that groin up!"

"...you can whip it like a jai-lai player."

"They couldn't move their feet! It looked like they were stuck in cement...It was like John Gotti got a hold of them or something! Can you imagine?!?!?"

So I have to ask...what's up with Jagr and his Hitler mustache? I mean, I guess you could say it's an extension of his stupid soul patch (editor's note: never grow a soul patch...), but even still...


Kaiser said...

I dont know wtf Jagr is trying to pull off with that thing...and Laraque's smooch is indeed on youtube, thres a link at LGP.

ryan said...

so yeah, who had the pens up 3-0 at this point? i definitely didn't.

ryan malone gave potash a pat on the head after the game, too. danny potash has the best job in the world.