Monday, April 14, 2008

Pens vs. Senators; Game 3

Gary Roberts on Sean Avery's jackass-ery:
Pittsburgh veteran Gary Roberts at first didn't want to even comment on it before finally saying as he walked away from me: "He's an idiot. That's my quote."

So just to clarify: Are we really going to go through 3 of the first 4 games of the playoffs without HD? Were all the HD trucks tied up at the Masters or something? In the immortal words of GOB, "Come on!"

Steiggy: "They have an actual Senator out on the ice...or someone posing as one" (in regards to the guy dressed as their logo...I'll leave it up to the reader to determine which of Steiggy's options is more plausible)

"The Penguins have talked about opening up the legs of Gerber."

"I love when the referees pick up the twig and...start hopping." (did he say hopping there?)

I wish there were a way to wager on things like, "Bryan Murray complains about officiating even though Chris Neil keeps punching people to get thrown in the box."

"There's some garbage on the ice. The 'classy' fans in Ottawa. Not all of them... It only take a few dodos."


Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how classless Ottawa fans are when they boo Sidney Crosby every time he touches the puck, then whine when the refs don't make calls and throw stuff on the ice. Idiots.

Vanessa Day said...


I thought I was the only one complaining about the NON HD feed from FSN. All of the stinking Redwings games are in HD.

I have one by Bob that came back to haunt Marty Gerber:

"He's unconcious right now, he's making the kind of saves you only make in your dreams"

Sucks for them it didn't last... do I smell a SWEEP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!



Anonymous said...

Game 1 was on FSN HD if you have comcast channel 226, and I was at Game 2 right next to the cameras and they had HD cameras there so i dont know why they had that game on SD only love the site!! LET'S GO PENS!!!

Sooska said...

yes Bibbs did say "hopping" when referring to the refs picking up a broken stick and start "playing" with it. hopping.

he also said in a most incensed tone that, when Chris Neil punched Hal Gill in the head and was sent to the box, something like "if I was coaching he wouldn't see the ice the rest of the game."

Anonymous said...

How about when Roberts was ordering the Figi water via text messageing

Anonymous said...

ottawa and philadelphia are officially the two franchises that i have no respect whatsoever for. we need to win this next game and just totally embarrass these idiots.

not just that the games aren't in HD, but they're not even on Versus! why did they think Detroit-Nashville was more attractive than watching Crosby, Hossa, Malkin, Staal, Sykora, Gonchar, and Fleury?

i love the fans booing all the time about these supposed penalties that the refs are missing or are mistakenly handing out to the Sens. Ottawa could be called for twice as many penalties as they actually get. was i the only one who thought McAmmond got his elbow up on Malkin at the blueline? this team is just absolutely ridiculous. i've never heard so much crying from one club.

also, why do you read Sportsnet? even Canadians don't like Sportsnet.


Anonymous said...

by the way:

key quotes:
-Thus the PA estimates that the cap will be approximately $56.3M season, an increase of $6M from this year.
-If HRR continues to increase annually by approximately 11 percent, the players' share will increase to its upper-limit of 57 percent at $2.7M, then the team cap will hit approximately $62M in 2009-10, and $68M in 2010-11. In other words, should they wish to do so, the Penguins will have no cap issue to prevent them from keeping both Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

sucks for the rest of the NHL. Hossa, Malkin, and Crosby for years to come!!!


Caesar vs. The Bob said...


re: Sportsnet

I was looking to see if Mendes or McCormick wrote any articles about how stupid they look about predicting Ottawa would win the series...especially McCormick as he wrote about the "awful goaltending" of both teams.

I agree about hating Sportsnet. Though it is funny to see all the Leafs fans posting in the comments section with their ridiculous views on the the other day when someone referred to "Crosbaby" as "the most overrated player ever."

It would appear that most sports writers do not actually watch the things they write about...

Anonymous said...


the comments sections on tsn are pretty funny now too. it's all leafs fans gloating (only leafs fans could miss the playoffs and gloat over a team that made it) about the sens getting embarrassed. i guess when you haven't won a Stanley Cup in 41 years, you gotta take pride where you can get it.

Pensgirl said...

You know, I was saying to myself just the other day, "That Bob Errey blog is great, but it needs more G.O.B." Thanks for getting on that! ;)

Caesar vs. The Bob said...

No problem, pensgirl.

So have you seen the new Poof?